EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! Everything is fucking awesome about The Lego Movie. I admit that when I first saw trailers for this movie, I wasn’t excited. In fact, I was kind of pissed off. They were going to ruin a sacred piece of my childhood by making this promotional monstrosity. All they cared about was selling toys. The Lego Movie was going to be a trash movie that only dumb kids will like and idiot parents will endure for their stupid kids.

I'm happy to announce…THE LEGO MOVIE was the BOMB.COM/FUCKYEAH+TITS!!! It’s so nice to be pleasantly surprised by a movie you’ve already written off. This movie was released in February and in case you don’t know, it’s extremely rare for even decent movies to come out in February. Don’t believe me? Check your local box office listings and if you want to see anything besides Lego, you’re a dingus. Oscar season is over so all of the studios are quietly releasing the hopeless movies. Yet, The Lego Movie comes in with the knockout punch. To start, It was probably one of the top ten most clever movies I have ever seen, the voice actors were incredible (Morgan Freeman was my favorite), and The Lonely Island delivers what could already be given the Oscar for best original song for 2014. Even though this is an animated PG movie, it’s not just for children. For all I know, kids these days don’t even play with Legos. Fuck children, in fact, the worst part about this movie was the kids in the theater. This was for the adults! The jokes will bring you back to the days laid out on your living room floor with the bin of Legos tipped over. Owww do you remember how much dick it sucked when you stepped on a Lego with bare feet? That’s not in the movie…just reminiscing.

Without spoiling anything I’ll say that the movie takes a huge risk at one point towards the end and it completely pays off. Lego shows what is possible when writers and actors are given their space. From what I’ve heard, a lot of the voice acting was improvised and it shows (in the best way).  It's clear that the writers obviously had fun with this script too. It would've been easy to take on the task of writing it with only selling toys in mind. Now, they’re still going to sell a boat load of Legos but at least it’s based on something everyone involved can be proud of. BTW, the movie has a nice message as well. The moral of the story may be heavy handed at times but come on, it’s a kid’s movie. The Lego Movie teaches everyone that going against the grain and embracing your creative side is important. If you spend your days only accepting what’s put in front of you then you’ll be left without original thought. Not necessarily a groundbreaking theme but important nonetheless. The message is also surprising because it’s somewhat “anti-establishment” (the bad guy’s name is President Business) and the movie is funded by Legos. Umm I’m pretty sure they’re a huge corporation a.k.a. super-duper establishment. Props to them for giving the writers freedom to go there.

Everyone should go out and see this while it’s still in theaters. Don’t worry, it’ll be there for a while. Everything is awesome!


Score: 5/5 SUPER TIGHT (This movie will change your life)


Scoring System

5/5 SUPER TIGHT (This movie will change your life)

4/5 TIGHT (This movie was super dope)

3/5 TIGHT GARBAGE (Good movie, could have been better)

2/5 GARBAGE (This movie sucked)

1/5 RUSTY DUMPSTER (Never see this movie)


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