MAVS 289: Game of Roads

The Kings of Controversy are back this week to claim the throne as the tightest dudes on the planet. This week they discuss the controversy surrounding Lil Nas X’s monster jam “Old Town Road” and how Billboard Country is probably racist. Also, Matt watches Game of Thrones, Andrew doesn’t.

MAVS 288: Welcome to the World, Andy Jr.

The Kings of Controversy are back and they probably talk about work, at least a little. Matt had the worst broadway experience. Matt had the best broadway experience. Andrew doesn’t like being blackout drunk in public anymore. Oh, and someone had a baby. Congratulations to that person.

MAVS 287: Headaches

The Kings of Controversy are stuck in a loop where they complain about the work ethic of other people. They also complain about LSU fans, the Cubs bullpen, people referring to themselves as actors, and a whole bunch of other complaints. Subscribe on iTunes or anywhere other than Stitcher.

MAVS 273: Tight Christmas 4 Ever

Matt and Andrew are here to stuff your stocking in the fourth installment of their wildly popular “Tight Christmas” series. The Boyz discuss “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays,” what to do if you’re caught in a nightmare situation in a public bathroom, and getting high and drunk at work.