MAVS 255: The Spin Zone

Matt and Andrew are back, and they are about to enter the spin zone. Well, Matt is, because he joined a gym. Andrew spent the week playing video games during his sister's visit, and he found a new rapper he has beef with. Later on they pitch some pretty great ideas.

MAVS 252: Hollow Man-Children

Think you're alone? Think again. The Kings of Controversy are back to break down the plot of Kevin Bacon's "Hollow Man," the lyrics to "Summer Girls," and weirdos hanging outside of Andrew's apartment. Check us out on Overcast, iTunes, and anything other than Stitcher.

MAVS 251: Glove Beef

Matt and Andrew are back and one of them had a terrible sandwich. Andrew makes a big purchase live on the air, and has some work beefs to work through. Matt goes golfing in America for the first time in a long while, and reflects on some old roommates.

MAVS 246: Dart Party

Matt has action on the World Cup, and beef with some dart players. Andrew has no action on the World Cup, and beef with parents in bars. Drake is still dead, Pusha T is still at large, and we received an email from a Chicago Legend regarding another Chicago Legend. 626 Forever. Overcast over Stitcher.

MAVS 245: Boyz Observe Poltergeists

Matt and Andrew are back and they've got beef. Matt is being targeted by his improv teacher because the teacher feels threatened by Matt's hilarity, and Andrew is fending off customers on both job fronts. Also Drake is still dead, Pusha T is wanted for murder, and the new album "KIDS SEE GHOSTS" is discussed to round out another fun filled audio romp.

MAVS 241: Jimmy in Rip City

Matt went to visit the guys in South Central PA and to no ones surprise Jimmy Adventure was ripping through cigs. Andrew found some wild stuff on Reddit, and he has a coworker who keeps flip-flopping. Listen to us on the Overcast App, and don't ever, ever, EVER use Stitcher.

MAVS 240: Web of Controversy

Matt went on a date with a Milwaukee Native, which leads to some obvious jokes. Andrew stirs the pot at work with some inappropriate comments, and later they unveil "chambR" which just might be the most controversial app of this lifetime. Listen to us on Overcast, it's a great app! Don't listen to us on Stitcher, it's a terrible app!

MAVS 236: Kid Jail

This week the Kings of Controversy are joined by their friend Mr. Brad! The guys take a sobering look at the troubling trend of incarcerating America's youth this week, as well as a few discussions about jobs both new and old. Download the app "Overcast" if you want to hear the infamous episode 233 by the way. Download Stitcher if you want to spend the rest of the day feeling kind of dirty and shameful.