MAVS 316: Vs. Sleep Apnea

Matt and Andrew are back but don’t tell anyone because they apparently don’t want people to know about the show. This week they’re farting at work, talking Switch, and sending big love to Ithica, New York. Subscribe on Overcast, and actually you can tell people about this show because the Boyz won’t.

MAVS 309: Vs. Money Zones

Happy Labor Day Draft Day to everyone! This week Matt drafts his team, dog sits, and has an idea for an app. Andrew has beef with FedEx, a sleep exam coming up, and gives Matt his blessing to draft Tre’Quan Smith. Later they talk about their favorite video games.

MAVS 307: Vs. Gyms

Matt made made a purchase that is going to put his gym out of business and put him on the fast track to a six pack. Andrew took steps to stop his snoring, even though his body was built to excel in that department.