MAVS 273: Tight Christmas 4 Ever

Matt and Andrew are here to stuff your stocking in the fourth installment of their wildly popular “Tight Christmas” series. The Boyz discuss “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays,” what to do if you’re caught in a nightmare situation in a public bathroom, and getting high and drunk at work.

MAVS 268: You Down with A.B.B.?

The Boyz are back and they’ll give you something to be thankful for; a tight hour of MAVS. Andrew had some friends of the show in town and Matt was sending water out to under-privileged office temps. Check out the show on Overcast FM and iTunes. Don’t use Stitcher, ya jabroni.

MAVS 266: Blast the Void

Matt & Andrew are back and they have some friends along. Thanks friends for inviting us to join your podcast, and then ultimately having your podcast scooped by us. We love you Spam Boyz! Check them out on iTunes, Overcast, not Stitcher, and

MAVS 264: r/MAVRelationships

The Kings of Controversy need to change things up and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, so this week Matt & Andrew square off against tough relationship questions they found on Reddit. Get ready for a strong dose of tough love as the Boyz dole out romantic advice and blunt truths left and right.

MAVS 261: Staycation Boiz

Matt is stateside reliving some of his Ireland trip, but he spends a lot of time talking about the latest Avengers movie. Andrew is curating a really solid Reddit profile, all while the Cubs game is proving to be a bit of a distraction.