B&V 102: Back in the Saddle

Your favorite drinking buddies return from a hiatus, but not a dry-atus... sorry, I'll see myself out.

This week's brews: Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA by New Belgium, and Bloom IPA by Parish Brewing.

This week's views: "The Florida Project" (2017) [Amazon Prime], and "The King of Comedy" (1982) [Amazon Prime].

Next week's assignments: "Anon" (2018) [Netflix], and "Thor; Ragnarok" (2018) [Not Streaming].

Streaming recommendations: "Insomnia" (2002) [Amazon Prime], "The Barkley Marathons" (2014) [Amazon Prime], "Cube" (1997) [Netflix], and "Kill Bill" (2003) [Netflix].