B&V 074: Sports Docs and More

Your favorite drinking buddies want to talk sports, and documentaries, and sports documentaries.

This week's brews: F-Bomb by Stickmen Brewing Company, and Icehouse Edge by Miller Brewing.

This week's views: "The Salesman" (2016) [Amazon Prime], "Frailty" (2001) [Netflix], "Icarus" (2017) [Netflix], "Tour de Pharmacy" (2017) [HBO], and "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" (2014) [Netflix].

Next week's assignments: "Dr. Strange" (2016) [Netflix], and "Devil's Knot" (2013) [Netflix].

Streaming recommendations: "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" (1991) [Amazon Prime], "Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Doctor Moreau" (2014) [Amazon Prime], and "Wayne's World 2" (1993) [Amazon Prime].