B&V 069: Sandlot Sequels

Okay, your favorite drinking buddies don't actually spend a lot of time talking about Sandlot's inferior cash grabs that the powers that be passed off as sequels, but they are mentioned, and it did grab your interest, didn't it?

This week's brews: The Kragle IPA by Free Will Brewing, and Out Tequil-Ya by NOLA Brewing.

This week's views: "Sound City" (2013) [Amazon Prime], "The Game" (1997) [Not Streaming].

Next week's assignments: "Okja" (2017) [Netflix], and "Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press" (2017) [Netflix].

Streaming recommendations: "Lucky Number Slevin" (2006) [Netflix], and "Bull Durham" (1988) [Netflix].