B&V 068: An Interview with Anderson Cowan

This week your favorite drinking buddies get to chat with a guy who has influenced them a lot, and happens to have made a movie; Anderson Cowan.

This week's brews: The Ocho by NOLA Brewing, and the Truth by Flying Dog Brewing.

This week's views: "Mindhorn" (2016) [Netflix], and "Resurrect Dead" (2011) [Amazon Prime]

Next week's assignments: "Sound City" (2013) [Amazon Prime], and "War Machine" (2017) [Netflix].

Streaming recommendations: "Fire in the Sky" (1993) [Amazon Prime], and "The Iron Giant" (1999) [Netflix].

Seriously, thank you so much to Anderson for joining us. We really appreciated the opportunity to talk to him, and we hope you enjoy listening in. Cheers!